Giving and Receiving

Star Wars Hat


Recipient: a friend's little boy
Pattern: inspired by Sarah's Star Wars hat using terrain scout vehicle pattern instead of R2D2s.
Knit over three days using leftover Lion Brand Lion Wool Solid for the background and Knit Picks Andean Silk in blue, green and white on size 5 needles.

The sources say the recipient likes it and it fits. From my point of view - mission completed;) The next hat will be more "in-your-face-star-wars" kind.

Flying Elephant


Last week I received a lovely package in the mail from Julia containing elephants (plural!) and some kick ass magnets. Thank you, girl!

I'm considering taking pictures of all of my elephants. The last time I counted there was at least two in each room in the house:P


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He looks right at home :). Now I'm working on a stuffed cat creature (for my cousin) and then it's back to working on my beginning knitting skills; wish you were here to help.

Thanks again Nonsie! You are very thoughtful......

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