One Done, More Unfinished

Sideways SpencerSideways Spencer is FINALLY done! I didn't estimate when I started test knitting it for Annie that it would take so long. No, it's not the pattern, it was everything else that got thrown at me. Everything including "omg, MIL's birthday is in 3 days and I have half a sock finished" and Autumn Cardigan being as stubborn as it was. There was also the case of alpaca socks for HB (yes, I know, he's getting spoiled).

For future reference here are the specs:

Pattern: Sideways Spencer by Annie Modesitt
Size: 36" chest
Needles: US 7
Yarn : Vermont Organic Fiber Company O-Wool Classic in Lettuce, a little over 3 skeins


Pros: I believe this will be a huge hit in the summer when it’s 100F outside and 65F indoors. It’s warm and snuggle yet sophisticated. I'd definitely use O-Wool for other projects again.
Cons: The sleeves are a little tight from wrist all the way to the elbow. Next time I'd probably cast on regular + 4 extra stitches.

Sideways SpencerList of UFOs:

  • MIL's birthday socks
  • HB's alpaca dress socks
  • Retro Redux Shrug from Lace Style in some yummy Malabrigo.


  • Sweater coat for myself for this spring in some twedy yarn
  • Fingerless mittens and hat for H
  • Fair isle mittens for myself

I'm also planning to upgrade this site to Drupal 6.0 over the extended weekend, so it might be occasionally be unavailable.


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