Hooked on Feeds

I've loved feeds for years. It's like getting an instant high after a puff from an inhaler. One minute there's nothing and then there's lots. Or not.
Last weekend I was organizing my feeds. I was previously using Sage (a Firefox add-on) but it kept on crashing on me. In addition I had tons of bookmarks for sites that didn't use to have feeds and I had to go manually check each one.
I didn't want to use Bloglines yet I wanted something I could access from any computer. That's where Google Reader came in - I can access it when I log in to check my mail or my site stats (yes, I'm anal about those numbers) and the layout is very simple.
The one mistake I made when I was copying over my feeds was not categorizing them, now I have about 200 of them and updates show up in one big group.

I've been hooked on Ravelry for quite some time now and I've wanted to import my projects into Drupal nodes somehow. However the feeds Ravelry provides only contain limited project information and project comments are in a separate feed. I think I can pull off something simple and similar to Flickr module perhaps.

I find it somewhat humorous that Webtrends sends out a newsletter about the benefit of rss feeds, yet they don't have one. I'd prefer to receive their newsletter in a feed instead of an email. They do however have a cool new course named WebTrends Certified Analytics Training Program that I'd love to take if money was growing on trees. Apparently it rains too much in Oregon for that to happen:P


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