One Day of Unemployment

As you know I've quit my old job. It gets a little old to be called nuts daily but not to be admitted to that there was a reason for said nuttiness. Anyway, I'll be starting my new job tomorrow morning. I decided to take a day to recover from the weekend and daylight savings time and to do a few things I had planned but would be difficult to complete while away from home. This far I have:
1. knit a good 14 inches of my Flicca and watched some really bad 80s movies
2. gone through some very weird bills and charges
3. cooked the best pot roast ever
4. donated some of my blood to save some lives

Any volunteers to join me in downtown Portland in May for a good cause? seriously, giving blood does not hurt unless you're "allergic" to needles. In that case you can come and cheer everybody else;)


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i tried to donate blood a few weeks ago and was declined, because i spent more than a few years in europe after 1990?

It depends - there's a list of "forbidden" countries from Red Cross point of view -,1082,0_557_,00.html#tra. Luckily I haven't been in those countries or haven't stayed long enough to qualify.

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