Green Beans and Ham

My family, never being the religious kind, has always celebrated Easter. In a way it's the celebration of spring and everything alive. HB's family on the other hand celebrates Eastern in more religious way and has its own traditions when it comes to Easter dinner.
To add some Estonian homeyness to a pretty standard American dinner I made some bread soup (leivasupp). It's the most basic Estonian food - rye bread - in a little bit sweeter version. My recipe is quite similar to this one except that I like to include some dried apples in it. I guess it would be ok with fresh apples as well but I prefer having more of that cinnamon-sugar-rye flavour in my apples. My family has traditionally made it with pure apple juice (in its original tartness) with dried apples and sugar and without cinnamon.
I got lucky this time - last weekend I had a Sunday lunch with some local Estonians in Portland and scored a loaf of real rye bread. I'm not kidding - this is the closest to the real thing I've had in years. However as we all know rye bread does not stay fresh for long, especially when home baked so after 5 days I had 1/3 of a quite hard loaf left which turned into a yummy bread soup for Easter dinner;)

Since HB can not stand this dish (there's only a few of my favourites he actually likes) I made some very American molasses cookies for him. I love ginger, cinnamon and cloves so I might even snack on a few myself;)

Knitting updates to follow;)


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