omg, omg, o8 is alive

just look at this - who would of thought stuff like this would still be on teh internets so many years later;)
On a related note - I've decided to separate my blog into two different sites. There will be one focusing on web development, seo, Drupal and translations while this one here remains for those "omg, I thought this was so cool" and "my yarn kicks your fiber's butt" kind of posts. I even found my o8 style logo from 2000/2001 - I believe it was designed by little gray(?).

Now excuse me while I got and get lost in reading bug reports and support issues - you know the usual getting used to a new job kind of stuff...


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Wow, flashback! Dreamless was so cool. l recognize a lot of nicks thoug I mostly lurked over there. Funny to find someone who was on there through Drupal. (I got here through your post in the 'introductions' thread on g.d.o.). I never got into 08 I think but hung out in yayhooray. Nice.

oh the memories... funny how things change, but sorta stay the same...

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