Blip vs Blik

I've been struggling for a while with two things with almost identical names - Drupal Media Actions module for uploads on this site and Blik wall graphics. With the first it's quite simple - I just need a couple hours of debugging time. This site has been upgraded and upgraded and upgraded since the very early versions of Drupal hence all the ancient crap in the system table. I had a hard time getting image module to work because of all the useless data in my variables table. I think I'll test with a clean Drupal version first to verify that this is indeed my site db that's messed up and not the module itself. I have blog posts for the last 8 years and I'm not really interested in losing them by accident:P
The story with Blik is a little different. Although I love their stickies I'm having a hard time making them stick. I put a few up before bed and at 6 am there they are on the floor, completely ruined. Either you have to have really smooth wall surface or I'm simply not strong enough to make them stick?

There's not much new on the knitting front I'm afraid, still chugging along on my Habu mohair sweater. Even though its plain old stockinette I can't watch any movies while knitting it, I'm too afraid of dropping a stitch and losing it. Needless to say ripping mohair is not an option.

There's a run in Trout Lake, WA on Saturday morning. I'm planning on going and perhaps convincing Sarah to come along. There should be a few yarn stores out there, right?


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