Flip flop season has begun

Sarah in Hood River
This morning I got up almost at 5 am to make it to Trout Lake by 8:30 am in order to run a 5K race. I picked up my support team (read:Sarah) and headed out of town before 7 am. The run was great even tough for me it was more walking and less running still resulting in a 11:30 minute mile. Not bad for someone who hasn't been out running lately. I definitely need to get back in shape - I can barely even remember what it used to be like to be able to run 5k without walking. And I used to have abs somewhere but I'm no longer able to locate them:P

We decided to check out yarn stores in Hood River on our way back and grab a bite to eat. According to knitmap.com there's two yarn stores in Hood River. To save everyone some time the following must be mentioned: Knot Another Hat is a real yarn store full of yarn from various companies. Every Thread Counts on the other hand is a quilting store, they have a good selection of knitting needles but their yarn selection is non-existent. We discovered this fact after walking a good 20 blocks up a steep hill:P

We made it back to Portland by 3 pm - and now I'm anxious to sew something. A nice summer dress perhaps? It's 85C outside at the moment - I definitely wished I would of had a dress on in Hood River instead of a dark t-shirt and jeans;)


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I started my sewing kick this weekend when we got home! I made the top of the little sun dress and I'm pretty excited about it. Once I get the waist inset installed the zipper will be the only major hurdle left. Plus I did buy some more fabric for a little quilt...

And in unrelated news, I had a dream last night that you were pregnant and if it was a boy you were going to call him Linus. Randomness! :)

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