Notes from Webvisions 2008

I spent two days last week attending Webvisions 2008 here in Portland. I haven't seen any slides on Slideshare yet - but it was definitely well worth it.

RSS: Bleeding Edge Tips and Tricks - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Dapper - to get feeds from pages that do not provide feeds
feed.informer, feed digest

Going Fast on the Slow Mobile Web - Jason Grigsby
Developers aren't ready for it.
Mobile concurrency test

What You Need to Know About IE8 and Standards - Aaron Gustafson
IEB8 - new rendering engine
hasLayout is history
object fallbacks now works as expected
:hover, :focus and :active have been fixed (not in beta 1, probably beta 2)
list-style-type has been completed - lower roman, upper roman, armenian, georgian
background-position fixed
white-space completed (pre-line, pre-wrap etc)
word-spacing with ems

Table styles - border-spacing, border-style:hidden, caption-side, empty-cells

Positioning offsets

Mended z-index
Fixed inheritance
style is available via DOM, also setting style (keep in mind it does overwrite the entire attribute). It's also possible to find elements by name.

New stuff in IE8
you can style legend element and you can make text inside it wrap.
:lang is supported
generated content, you can also do images
attr() - can be used with generated content
css can count now
you can control quotes
control page breaks with windows and orphans
control outlining - outlinines are like borders but they do not take up any space (outline-color, outline-style, outline-width)

Choose your box model - content(W3C) or border(IE) model

Track page updates using onhashchange in Ajax

Support for data URIs

Version targeting via meta tags on each page

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