Hello World, Meet Humphrey

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated - I've managed to survive yet another birthday. From now on I'll be celebrating my 21st each year, the numbers are getting too big for a birthday cake.
Gabriel Park in June, 2008

There is a new kid on the block - so everybody, say hello to Humphrey.
IMG_3046My elephant obsession has reached all time high. I got my first blue elephant in July, 1998 from K when she came back from her trip to Central Europe - making it a 10 year anniversary for me. I've wanted to get a tattoo for quite some time but I've been too cautious about what to get and where.
I was planning to get it the weekend before my birthday but since there was no time in my plans left after all plans for the weekend got shifted I ended up getting it on my birthday. Sarah was a brave camper and joined me in the tattoo place - I don't think I would of gotten through my tail bone getting tattooed without some tears if she wouldn't of been there.
If you're ever in Portland and in desperate need of getting tattooed go visit Amy @ Tiger Lily. She will rock your socks off, seriously!
PS. Humphrey is no pink elephant and he definitely is not cute, alright?;)


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I'm glad you treated yourself to something you really wanted for your big day. Who designed the tattoo and who named him?

Hopefully your present from me should arrive any day now...if it hasn't already. :)

omg...it's the o8 logo! Why did I not notice this before!

lol, you weren't paying attention?;)

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