Weekend for ripping

RIPsFrom left to right - mitered mittens, Sunrise Circle, top down v-neck, ballet wrap cardigan and Tangled Yoke.

Each one has a perfectly good reason not to survive:
- mitered mittens are way too long. I think I will rip back until I find that the wrist part is no longer too long and attempt again. I still think Noro Kureyon is perfect for these gloves though.

- Tangled Yoke is not for someone with boobs. You either have to knit something that's too wide everywhere else or you can never button it up. I also hate myself for not putting in some short rows for the back. The yarn is great so I'll probably knit something else out of it.

- Top Down V-neck is knit out of Rowan RYC Cashsoft DK and feels great however I didn't notice until I was done that I had one ball in there out of a different dye lot. I tried and I can not live with it. RIP.

- Sunrise Circle Jacket has the problem many other knitters have encountered - it's only good for up to B cup. Got boobs? Don't knit it! I think I'll knit Old Penny Cardigan out of it.

- Ballet Wrap Cardigan has the same old boobs problem. Will I ever learn?

On an unrelated note I've decided to try to blog 16 days straight to motivate myself to finish my Level 1 swatches.


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