Friends of the Forest Cowl

Friends of the Forest Cowl IFriends of the Forest Cowl is not only a great stash busting project but also an intro into lace knitting patterns and nupps.
Nupps are often referred to as the evil stitch Estonians have introduced to lace knitting. This pattern implements the basics of nupps while keeping it fun and not requiring any arm twisting p5tog decreases! If you can knit, purl, decrease and create yarn overs you'll master this pattern in no time. Knit one for yourself and one for your mother in law. It looks complex and will definitely get you some brownie points;)

This pattern is available for $3.00.

Proceeds of this pattern for this year will be donated to Friends of the Forest, a program of the National Forest Foundation.

Note: I signed up for a Ravelry store a week ago and it hasn't been activated yet:( Even though this pattern is listed on my designer page you will not be able to purchase by clicking on "buy" on Ravelry.


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