Adventures in fair isle

Remember a while ago I knit Ruth Ruth Sørensen's Autumn cardigan followed by Fulled Star hat. Needless to say I've had my fair share experience with her patterns and Kauni.
While her pattern in their original form are somewhat difficult to understand for a regular American knitter my Scandinavian brain loves the simplicity of it. When she says to increase she doesn't tell you how - common sense should tell you what will look good and what won't. I'd really recommend taking TKGA's Master Knitter Level 1 before knitting any of her original unmodified patterns.
In any case I'm knitting her Summer Shawl for KP at the moment. Loving it and hating it at the same time due to the weather we've been having lately. My joints get all swollen when it's warm like this which makes it difficult to knit fair isle. In any case, here's a peek to work in progress:
Summer Shawl

Summer Shawl

Summer Shawl


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