Patience is my middle name

Here are the key ingredients for Ruth Sorensen's Summer Shawl:
1. a bucket or two of patience
2. 300 grams of Kauni in the solid colorway
3. 350 grams of Kauni in another solid or variegated colorway
4. size 3 and 3.5 needles
5. a dictionary full of curse words in multiple languages
6. (optional) a pair of sun glasses if you go with the colors specified in the pattern

Mix all ingrediens over the course of 3 months and the end result it something like this:
Summer Shawl
Couch for scale

Summer Shawl
This should explain why sunglasses are somewhat mandatory

Summer Shawl
Showing off the finished size - note that Sarah's 5'11"

Summer Shawl
Sandy's like 5'4" and looks like a hobbit with a blankie.

If, and I really mean in case I get stuck by a lightning and forget everything about common sense, I will ever knit this again I would choose different colors. Sarah's all for the offwhite Kauni while I'd probably use their variegated red on solid black.

Want to see it in person? Drop by Knit/Purl in Portland, OR and drool over it while sipping a cup of tea (or champagne if it's Thrsday). Just saying;)


PS. Those who took part in the quessing time the official finish time is 6.44 pm on 08/29/09.


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Wow, it's beautiful!! So glad I saw it here, though - I am 5'2" and would be dwarfed by it. It might be nice, though, to have around for snuggling on a cold winter's night.

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