Fair isle and intarsia

I've received questions about color work over the couse of the last few months while I was knitting Ruth Sorensen's Summer Shawl. The questions came from both beginners and advanced knitters and varied from books to techniques to definitions of fair isle/intarsia/argyle.
There are two essential colorwork books I would recommend anyone in addition to Stanley's Knitters Handbook which is a must have:

To be honest, I like the first book better just because it is hardcover and covers all aspects of colorwork while the second concentrates on intarsia. However I'd recommend getting them both (chances are you can get them from your local library like I did) - or simply put them down as your wish list for Christmas.

If you are interested/working on in TKGA's Master Level program you'll definitely find Picture Perfect Knits useful for the argyle socks part.


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