Plain Jane

In the spring a promised a friend of mine to knit her a hat and pair of gloves in exchange for some Estonian books she shipped me all the way back from Estonia. I finished the hat and then I just - stalled. I guess I was having a knitters block, one would say? I knew exactly what I didn't want which didn't help to figure out what I wanted and what she would like;)

Fast forward 6+ months and I have a finished pair of gloves. I knew I wanted to use the same Rowan Felted Tweed I had for the hat and I was obsessed with showing off the yarn (who wouldn't love Felted Tweed? c'mon!). I call them Plain Jane because there's really nothing fancy about them. If you can knit, purl, increase, decrease and form yarn overs you'll be all set. It's really about the little details, seed stitch and the buttons. And they are warm, but are they warm enough for an Estonian winter? I'll guess we'll find out sooner or later as the package has been shipped;)

Plain Jane

Thumb detail

I didn't write up the pattern as I went along but since some have expressed interest in knitting these as well I will most likely knit another pair for myself and write down all the little tricks I used. So, there will be a pattern. Not quite sure when but it's on its way.

Meanwhile I'm tempted to knit something bigger (almost wrote better!) out of Felted Tweed - a vest perhaps or a cardigan. I swear, my addiction to this yarn will one day be the death of me;)


Ilusad kindad ja nood nööbid on nii lahedad!

Tänan saadetise eest! Kinnaste soojust saan proovida järgmisel nädalal, kui pidi minema väga külmaks :) Sa oled ikka super!

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