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2009 in tilesI managed to follow my list for 2009 more of less  last year. There was no travelling unless you count a trip to OFF as travelling but I'm hoping to make up for it in 2010.

Martha and I were hanging out earlier this week and compiled our lists for 2010. Here's mine as accurately as I can recall it:

1. Write 6 patterns per year.

2. Knit something every month (it only counts if you actually finish something)

3. Lose 2 pounds a month (which should put me at the weight I'm most confortable at).

4. Move out of suburbs.

5. Pay off debt

6. Go back to school or at least look into the possibility of it

7. Hike more. My goal is to to try out most of the hikes in "60 Hikes within 60 Miles: Portland" book. I have also signed out to climb up to Hogsback on June, 19th this year with my buds from work. This is my test to find out if I could possibly do Reach the Summit next summer for my 30th birthday.

8. Keep better track of my knitting projects. I realized that I haven't taken pictures of half of my FOs this year, especially if they were store samples. Need more pictures and detailed notes.

9. Eat home more often. Since my commute makes it difficult to make it home before 7 we tend to eat whatever on days when I get home late and am in no mood to spend the next 45 minutes trying to fix something for supper. Perhaps planning and cooking in advance is the solution here or adding more soups and other easily fixable meals.

10. Be able to put my hair in a pony tail without any clips. Yes, silly, but I haven't had my hair that long for years.

11. Stand up for myself, put occasionally my needs first



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Love it! Can't wait to test knit for you. :-) We can do Saturday cooking days... a bunch of food for a week or two... uhmmm... good ideas.

Mulle meeldib eriti Su nimekirja viimane punkt, selle peaksid tegelikult esimeseks panema!

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