Annual goal review - January

I am horrible at staying on track if I do not make minor milestones and jot down release notes (developer jargon for summaries).

Here's the progress so far on my list for 2010:

  • 2 pounds lost - check. I've been actually paying attention to what I eat these days and I'm encouraged by other people around me tryig to accomplish their own health related goals. 20 more pounds to go.
  • Pattern number one is a pair of socks. I'm contemplating the name - it looks very much like pie crust or little vines. Martha thinks it kind of reminds her of waterfalls. Perhaps I'll post the pattern preview and ask people to vote for the name? In any case one pair done, one pair in the works and pattern almost written up so that Martha can test knit it.
    Pattern number two is a smallish shawl that I've wanted for years to wear with a spring coat. Garther stitch and lace, here they come;)
    Pattern number three is a cabled hat (no surprise there). I've cast on for the swatch but that's pretty much all there is to it at this point.
  • I've finished my first FO of the year. Usually I'm such a sucker when it comes to finishing - I think sewing the lining and attaching it took almost a week! It was definitely worth the effort though - it's nice and sturdy and should serve its new owner quite well.
  • One more credit card will be paid off this month and perhaps even two. I know my finances will be all messed up in April and May due to trip to DrupalCON and getting travel expences figured out at work. Fingers crossed it won't take more than 6 weeks this year. Can't wait to get there!

The rest of my goals haven't worked out that well - partially because of lack of planning. And I can't really tell my hair to grow any faster;)

I'm adding one new item to my goals for this year - standing up for myself. I'm usually pretty mellow and looking out for others more than for myself. As some of my friends have told me for years it's time for me to put me first. Note quite sure what will come out of this goal...


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Katrin! Good job! I'm not done with the sweater like I hoped... been a busy month of January. I love your new resolution, we all need to be reminded that standing up for ourselves is important. Thanks for reminding me. Love ya girlie. See you tonight. :-) Toe up socks here I come!!!

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