Falling off the Bandwagon

Let's face it - I knew right after writing my January summary that February was going to be a hard one. Not only is it a whole lot shorter but I had somehow managed to catch a cold that simply would not go away. I ended up being home sick for 5 days straight and missing out on two parties I really wanted to go to. While I'm back to normal in general there's still this lingering cough that is simply driving me nuts and robbing me of energy.

Things I have accomplished:

  • paying off another credit card - check
  • booking flight and hotel for DrupalCON Sf - check
  • requested credit transfer from Estonian universities - check
  • finish something - check

Technically I have four FOs to show for February - a pair of socks, two hats and a pair of baby pants.

Grape Vine Socks



The hat and socks will be written up for Ravelry - the socks are almost there but I'm having a hard time with the short row heel construction. Writing patterns is like drafting - once you get into it it's quite easy and enjoyable but it tends to be such a nightmare if you skip a few months or years:(

All I can really do is try harder this month - and perhaps some yoga will help me to concentrate enough to get these patterns written and packaged?;)


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Hey there! I love the socks and hat. Can't wait to try them out. I came across a blog today that is offering a contest for new sock patterns. You should check it out, it might encourage you to get your pattern done. Exercise Before Knitting (www.exercisebeforeknitting.com).


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