When garments gain weight

I've always thought of patterns as guidelines rather than step by step instructions. Indeed there are times when step by step is the only way to go (double knitting, anyone?) but I tend to make at least something "mine" unless of course it's a sample/test knit for someone else.

Enter Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. I liked the idea of drop down cardigan with a band wide enough it could be pinned closed. However I wasn't too fond of the short(ish) sleeves and the overall length of the garment. I also wanted something a bit more heavier/warmer.

Enter my version of Featherweight Cardigan which I nicknamed DK Weight Cardigan on Ravelry. Knit on size 4 needles out of Joseph Galler Heather Prime Alpaca it's a delight to wear and pet. I cast on for the smallest size, lenghtened both the sleeves and body and finished bottom edge and collar in mistake 2x2 rib. Does it resemble the original? I'd say so however it has warped from a spring/summer garment into something I can wear under my Columbia rain coat right now and be nice and toasty....
DK Weight Cardigan

DK Weight Cardigan


PS. If you know where to find bright yellow rain boots, leave a comment;) I've been looking for a while.


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