2013 in review

 2013 was not the greatest nor the worst year. The overarching theme however was restlessness - both at work and otherwise. If I have learned anything from 2013 then it's perhaps the fact that I do not know how to run at mediocre speed. I like to and need to be busy or completely free to do as I please.

2013 was the year of not one but two trips back home. Considering I hadn't seen any of my family since 2005 it was seriously overdue. I also managed to go to Prague for my first European DrupalCON which was so much different and much more to my liking than North America CONs.

2013 was also the year I gave up sample knitting after doing it for the past 5 years. There comes a point where no money in the world is worth trying to troubleshoot a poorly written pattern and trying to meet deadlines. Instead I decided to focus on other income sources to pay for college. I didn't write a single pattern in 2013 although there's at least 3 brand new ones already knit up and giften to friends and family. 

According to Ravelry I knit 18 projects last year, I'm quite sure there's at least 22 total. There was Rams and Yowes for baby Mateo that took Sarah and me months to knit but was so worth it at the end. Then there was Marj's Aeolian shawl that I started during my first trip to Estonia and got ruthlessly messed up in Tallinn airport on the return trip when the security decided Addi lace needles needed to be confiscated. Overall it was a year of knitting presents for those who truly appreciate and deserve it.

I have great plans for 2014. My number one goal is to wrap up my BA at Portland State and graduate with honors. I'm also planning on attending Grace Hopper for the first time this fall. There's two DrupalCONs - Austin and Amsterdam, PNW Drupal Summit and hopefully more of regular PDXDUG meetups than in 2013. And above all 2014 should be about learning, exploring and creating;)

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