Table Mountain 7/18/15

The weather in Portland has been, let's put it mildly, off-putting lately. This is not a city for 90+ degrees. Our fair city is supposed to be no more than 80F with occasional grey skies and rain in the summer. I have yet to see a decent downpour this summer and my house despite all the precautions is a sauna sans AC. However I am determined not to give in!

Hiking has been a challenge because of the temperatures. A week earlier we had ventured out to Eagle Creek early in the morning. By the time we made it back to the parking lot we were out of water, dehydrated and fed up with other people's kids running amok on narrow trails. Punchbowl Falls was packed like a mall on a super sale day.

Table Mountain has been staring and tempting from the distance for a while now and when the opportunity presented itself to go, there was no other way but to go. I should of been wiser and insisted on an earlier start and brought more water. We didn't hit the trailhead until 11am and ventured on this supposedly 8 mile hike on a day that hit 100F in Portland (it was slightly cooler in the Gorge). It is classified as difficult hike and the difficulty doesn't necessarily step from the elevation gain (3350ft) but the fact that it is so easy to get lost. With 2 sets of instructions and one additional map we still managed to miss the right trail. There are no signs except arrows made out of branches by other hikers. Sticks in the middle of a rock field indicate which direction to go. When the trail goes steep at Heartbreak Ridge it goes steep. On the way down it would of been easier just to slide down on one's rear end. That 700 feet in half a mile is brutal.

I unfortunately did not make it to the top. Combination of elevation gain, heat and dehydration made me stop at the bottom of the rock field before the top and relax for the bit. I am glad I did since the way down was in no way easier than it had been to get up. I shall be back however on a much cooler day, perhaps even camping up top overnight. It also turns out the hike is closer to 10 miles and with all the rest stops included it took us 8 hours to complete it. This trail is not for those just starting out for sure.

Table Mountain on the way up


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