2015 in Review

 There's a few things I'll remember about 2015.

It was the year of saying "no" instead of going with the flow to please other people. By doing so I ruffled some feathers but it also made it clear who's who in my life and for whom I only existed as a way to offload tasks. I hope to be even better with my "no" policy in 2016 and include saying more "yes" for things that will help me in my goals.

It was also the year of finally wrapping up my bachelor's degree after too many colleges to count (OK, it was a total of 5 - 3 in Estonia and 2 here in the states) and a total of 15 years from start to finish. While officially all the work was completed in 2014 there was still the graduation and checking off all the checkboxes. I think I still want to go back at some point but I want to enjoy life a little more before doing so and also find a way to afford it. Paying for college as you go out of your own pocket is no fun!

2015 was also the year of checking off some countries explored list (Spain + France) , playing a tour guide in Tallinn and getting to see my family back in Estonia. There's never truly enough time for seeing my family in person nor are Skype calls the same as hanging out and goofing around with the girls. 2016 is for plotting a plan to see them more often; finding flexibility in my schedule to spend more than a week there at a time.

It was a full year of folk dancing with Tulehoidjad. In addition to weekly practices there were performances and parties, and I hope the trend continues on this year. Hanging out with other Estonians has helped me to deal with my homesickness to a point where I no longer have an accent;) It's a shame when you speak your mother tongue with an accent because you only use it once in a great while.

And of course 2015 was all about getting out and hiking as much as possible. Turns out getting certain amount of excercise is excellent for dealing with stress and depression;) Lola's still not convinced and remains a couch potatoe but at least there's always Sarah's Lark to keep me company. The plan for 2016 is to take hiking more seriously, learn some more skills to be safe out there and go conquer the South Sister.

Professionally it was all about working with fine folks at Rotary to bring their membership management from stone ages into 2015. I learned a lot, got used to super early morning conference calls and truly enjoyed the team assigned to this project. Here's to many more projects like this in 2016 (or perhaps just one or two to keep me sane).

So. Cold!


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