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I'm stumbled on your blog, and I'm working on some Drupal sites as well.. I am very new to Drupal with only novice levels of knowledge of PHP and MySQL, and I was wondering if you could answer a question for me.

The pagination you are using at the bottom of your blog, I've seen that format typically with many blogs out there.. is this a Drupal module for pagination, or just a implementation of the pager_query function (w/theming)?

Any help would be appreciated!



It's default Drupal front page with number of nodes published to front page limited to 3. This is very out of the box Drupal site with some custom theming (mostly css and very little actual theming).

Hi Katrin,
I enjoyed your presentation at Open Sourcery last week.
Just looked at your blog.
Is that snowy street Valeria View off of Barnes Rd? I live very close by.
I have a large drupal project I'm about to dig into. I may be begging for help at some point. For now, it's just "hello".

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