Summer Madness

You can definitely say it's summer in Portland. Our outside thermometer refuses to display anything (poor thing was out in direct sunlight and is somewhere around 120F range now), the main floor is about 86F and upstairs around 94F. The bedroom remains somewhat cool with the AC on 24 hours a day.

Welcome Back!

BewareIt's been a while due to a joint birthday party (all four of us together turned 169!), family emergencies, job change and our annual move. Yes, you got it right - we moved again.

Helpless Redhead

I've never known how to take advantage of my sex, tomboy as I am. I have however discovered in recent years that behaving like a clueless blonde sometimes gets things done a lot faster. Take this for example - I was driving back from my Lasik checkup today and as I started the car it informed me that it was time to change the remote batteries.

Semolina Mousse

There's another item I'd like to add to my list of things that amaze me about the states - lack of what we would call in Estonia breakfast ingredients. Sure you can get oatmeal - with cinnamon and apples, brown sugar and banana flavor, Irish oatmeal etc. If you hunt long enough you'll find buckwheat to make some porridge out of that.