Knitting Mojo or Lack of It

TKAG Master Hand Knit ProgramMy knitting mojo has disappeared - I have no lust for new projects so the only project I'm currently working on is HB's sweater. I blame it all on the a-line skirt from Vogue Knitting (last year's summer edition) which took me way too long to finish.

Smitten With Sculls

We call Them Pirates

Looking for good manly yarn

Manly yarnSarah has witnessed my search for good "manly" yarn. I've tried different fibers and colors and finally settled on Rowan's Felted Tweed just to find out the yarn was discontinued.

How to manage your email campaigns without being a spammer

Let's first assume you are not using one of those fancy email campaign tools such as Campaign Monitor, eRoi or MailChimp. It's still possible to send out legimate emails without being labeled a spammer.