The Riots in Estonia

I just don't have enough words for this and I'd rather not rewrite and repeat the same point of view. I myself know a small group of people, "Estonian Russians", whom I'd like to refer to as friends.

This pooch likes to show off

Geek April, 2007
This dog loves to show off - both himself and his owner

On another note, all tips for gluten-free meals are welcome. No dairy, corn syrup, pork, tomatoes, lemons, oranges thank you very much.

Race for the Roses

Boys and girls, there's another race this Sunday - Race for the Roses. If you already signed up and are planning to pick up your bib number and t-shirt tomorrow, make sure to drop by and say hi. I'll be there with the rest of the volunteers. On Sunday, I'm up for the 5k.

Of posture, singing and homeland

Let's face it - I've lived in the states a little over 2 years now and in many ways I have adjusted. Junk food consumption, money spending habits and attachment to my car is something I'm not too proud of. I commute at least 30 miles a day spending between an hour and an hour and half on the road, mostly stuck at stop lights.