I'm not really a waitress

Still no long blog post I'm afraid, my FOs are sitting on top of the dresser waiting for a nice sunny day and HB willing to take pictures. I believe there has been enough crappy bathroom pictures on this blog:P A few things featured in the next blog entry:

Afternoon Dog Break

I'm perfectly aware that I haven't blogged for a while, I have 3 FOs I haven't even mentioned and at least 3 on the needles.

Everything seems to be on the go or "to go" lately but there's no time to bitch. Besides, I have my daily dose of Peanuts to keep me entertained;)


Bug vs Feature

The run on Sunday was great - I'd recommend doing something like this if you are one of those people who have difficulty adjusting to daylight savings time.
I went for a run after work on Monday and hit the gym afterwards. It felt great while I was doing it but today my entire body is sore. So sore it hurts to sit down...

2007 Portland Shamrock Run

I must be insane because I signed up for the 2007 Portland Shamrock Run. Luckily HB convinced me to change my mind and walk 3.2 miles instead. So, early Sunday morning I will be there to support my team members. I might even bring some knitting with me considering I'm just walking, right?