A Perfect Day for Bananafish?

I can't believe it has been a week already since the last post. All I can recall from the last five days is some code, a lot of spider tracking and finishing both fronts for my WIP. Did I do anything else? If I did, I have completely forgotten about it.

Being a dog owner in NW

For some reason potential dog owners are being warned about the things a puppy could do - chewing, snoring, eating (or not eating), potty training etc. The horror stories of yellow rivers and ruined clothes/furniture are endless.

A bad case of purple-itis

It appears that I have a really bad case of purple-itis as you can see. On top of the flu that has already taken over my life for the last few days.

Out in the real world

It seems to me that for quite some time my life has been all about little things that clutter up my mind. Every single time I have managed to place or donate something there's twice as much to handle. Somewhere in the middle of it I have lost my focus and ability to do something major - in both personal and professional life.