Siilike udus no more

Most Estonias in their twenties have probably seen a cartoon named "Siilike udus" (Hedgehog in the Fog). It's a cartoon about a small hedgehog who gets lost in the fog, wonders around all night long and ends up having pancakes for breakfast with his friend. This would be the short summarized version.

Hell must be freezing over

I had the most amazing knitty lunch with Sarah last Sunday. I can't believe it but I actually had fun. Can you believe this - me with another female and enjoying myself?:)

Cooking this brown smelly stuff

So I'm making bread pudding and buckwheat porridge - one just because I haven't had it for ages and the second because I'm sick of having cereal for breakfast. Besides, the smell just drives HB nuts:) And not in a good way. I'm not sure if I remember how to make this bread pudding - hopefully it will be at least somewhat edible.

It has been a month, hasn't it?

I can't believe it's almost February already! I only have one FO and no good pictures of it. My left wrist was hurting like hell for a week so there was no knitting, no nothing besides work. I know I'm behind with emails so if you have sent me an email in the last two weeks and I haven't replied yet - I will, I promise.