Can ich haz rental?!

The annual hunt for a rental in Portland is on. Looking for a 900+ sf 2 bedroom place close in in NE, SE, SW or Sellwood. And as usual the biggest problem is Geek, him being a rottweiler that is. Here's some advice if you are planning to move to Portland and you have dogs - unless your dog is a yellow lab find a rental straight from the owner (eg.

When garments gain weight

I've always thought of patterns as guidelines rather than step by step instructions. Indeed there are times when step by step is the only way to go (double knitting, anyone?) but I tend to make at least something "mine" unless of course it's a sample/test knit for someone else.


It's amazing what you can achieve by wrapping eggs in onion skins, some rice, leftover yarn and boil in salted water with some vinegar in it.

If you know how to dye yarn using only natural elements then this should be a no brainer. I wish I would of had more onion skins though. The red eggs are dyed with Malabrigo's sock yarn in Ravelry red;)

Babies and hand knits

Babies are adorable. Tiny hand knit baby items are cute. Combine those two and you end up with simply irresistible;)
Posted: March 26, 2010 - 11:39
Posted: March 26, 2010 - 11:39