First FO of 2010

Counterpane BagThis one has been in the works for quite some time. Looking at my queue on Ravelry, it got added in 2008! "Kaua tehtud, kaunikene" is all I can say about it which roughly translates as "things that tend to take a long time to make turn out well".

Counterpane Carpet Bag by Carrie Brenner
Started: ages ago (I tried three different yarns before settling on this alpaca blend)
Finished: 01/29/10
Needles: US 6

It was a very straightforward pattern and size 6 needles helped a lot as well. I haven't really touched anything bigger than US 4 for a while so this was like a spring break of knitting. Up next - some baby hats and pants and Newcastle pullover for myself out of some Jo Sharp DK Wool Tweed. Farrah and I are going to knit the Featherweight Cardigan in February. While the pattern is written for lace weight I'll be knitting mine out of Joseph Galler Superfine Prime Alpaca in a yummy dark gray;)

Macleay trail 01/03/10

Somewhat muddy with a few trees across the trail. Geek's orange rain coat was very popular;)



List for 2010

2009 in tilesI managed to follow my list for 2009 more of less  last year.

List for 2009

I'm not the one to make new year resolutions but here's a list for my own peace of mind: