Plain Jane

In the spring a promised a friend of mine to knit her a hat and pair of gloves in exchange for some Estonian books she shipped me all the way back from Estonia. I finished the hat and then I just - stalled. I guess I was having a knitters block, one would say?

Triple Falls

Not much knitting content here - just pictures from our Sunday morning hike to Horsetail Falls. It's actually a set of three different waterfalls but we only make it to the first two. Next time we'll hopefully have a map and manage to walk the entire trail.

Fair isle and intarsia

I've received questions about color work over the couse of the last few months while I was knitting Ruth Sorensen's Summer Shawl. The questions came from both beginners and advanced knitters and varied from books to techniques to definitions of fair isle/intarsia/argyle.


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