Patience is my middle name

Here are the key ingredients for Ruth Sorensen's Summer Shawl:
1. a bucket or two of patience
2. 300 grams of Kauni in the solid colorway
3. 350 grams of Kauni in another solid or variegated colorway
4. size 3 and 3.5 needles
5. a dictionary full of curse words in multiple languages

The Dog Days of Summer

are almost over (or at least I hope so). One good thing that came out of it is Sarah's birthday present for this year:
Razor Cami

Lots of leftovers = one awesome sweater

What can I say - I had lots of odds and ends in my stash that I wasn't willing to part with quite yet. A sweater was born that I call PDX hippie Saturday market sweater - I swear you *could* spot something similar on the east side;)

Adventures in fair isle

Remember a while ago I knit Ruth Ruth Sørensen's Autumn cardigan followed by Fulled Star hat. Needless to say I've had my fair share experience with her patterns and Kauni.


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