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Week Notes Vol 10

July 11, 2019

Vacation in Estonia has been a flurry of activities - one could almost say a castle a day? We attended the main rehearsal for the dance festival. It was slightly bittersweet as our group (Tulehoidjad) did not qualify but we got free tickets to see everyone dance as a consolation prize. Dance Festival 2019

Because of scheduling we only got tickets for song festival day one (the more formal concert) on Saturday but it was still spectacular. Last time I attended I was one of the singers and I have to admit I was slightly envious of them this time. Unlike most concerts it is not the organizers or the audience who dictates how the event unrolls - if the singers want to repeat a song, the song will get repeated. It is simple as that. Song Festival 2019

There’s quite a but of fine dining popping up in Estonia these days and believe it or not, there is now good beer! We visited Põhjala Brewery one day and had a dinner reservation at Juur the other. Highly recommend both although Ö is still my personal favorite. Pohjala flight Juur Juur

Katrin Valdre

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