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Week Notes Vol 11

July 18, 2019

Post vacation blues is a thing. Usually it doesn’t hit me as hard since I’m always plotting the next adventure but this time I came back from Estonia with no specific plans or reservations made. Thankfully I was off to California for some on-site meetings so I didn’t really have time to dwell on it too long. However I have learned a few things that help to cope with the feelings after:

  • plan your next trip while on vacation
  • do not check your work email/calendar/slack until you get back and truly need to start work
  • be prepared to be overwhelmed by unread emails. On average it takes me about one day per week off to catch up. I don’t expect to get much other work done while this is happening.
  • pace yourself - working 14 hour days the first week after vacation will burn anyone out
  • plan time for fun activities - for me it is hikes, going climbing, catching up with friends
  • ease into screen time if you’ve been offline most of your vacation
  • clear your home before you leave for a trip to avoid the feeling of dream when you return
  • set a picture from the trip as yur desktop wallpaper on your computer/phone

View of Tallinn froma church tower


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