Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 115

July 18, 2021

I’ve been pulling back a little lately reading tech, business on psychology books to give my brain a little summer vacation. I don’t want my love for books turn into a curse of reading only the books that are useful. Hence why I am currently reading a book meant for 9-12 year olds instead and enjoying it immensely. There may be a certain someone in that age group getting these books for Christmas.

One of the books I am still working through is Measure What Matters by John Doerr. If you have ever wondered where did OKRs come from and how they were fine tuned, I highly recommend this book. However in a team meeting this week a question was raised why don’t we also have RUOKRs to keep team spirits high. Something to definitely think about - and yes, I know there could be good old-fashioned OKRs but these days OKRs are mostly targeted at deliverables for all other purposes.


Katrin Valdre

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