Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 119

August 15, 2021

Summer Fridays are coming to an end soon. I have wanted to hike from Cannon Beach to Seaside, OR and back (or the other way around) for close to 15 years. People kept on telling me it was too dangerous or too long so I had the idea that I needed others to make this hike. On Thursday night I decided it was time to throw caution to the wind and just do it, plus I had had an awful week to hike out of my body so I headed out there and just did it. Will I do it again? Probably not as it is muddy even in August after it has been hot and dry for months. I didn’t even get to see the lighthouse because it was hidden in the fog. On the plus side - one more item off my bucket list.


Katrin Valdre

Written by Katrin Valdre who has a permanent address in Portland, OR but does not believe in one physical location. You should follow her on Twitter