Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 12

July 25, 2019

There are two kinds of people - those who care about status in context of travel and those who do not. I travel a fair amount but I am nowhere near obsessive about my points, mileage and status as some people. There are downsides to this as well - it is difficult to make plans with friends and family when you are constantly on the move. In the last two weeks I’ve been to SFO three times and I’m quite done with this for a bit (but likely on my way there again in a few weeks). At this point the autopilot switches on and I could do PDX > SFO > Walnut Creek on an autopilot.


  • I’ve been drinking from the firehose that is Tealium for the past five weeks and there’s no end in sight.
  • CCPA and its legal ramifications
  • Reviewing material for ICS (fingers crossed I will get accepted!)

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