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Week Notes Vol 13

August 01, 2019

After two and half years of planning West Coast Estionian days is finally here! Kicked off by mass dance practice followed by potluck on Sunday with way too much food. There are performers from Estonia, Portland, Vancouver BC, Seattle, LA and other random west coast places. Wednesday night we officially got things going with an opening ceremony followed by all kinds of fun activities. Unfortunately I am all out of PTO to do any day time activities after my recent trip to Estonia. No regrets though! As Estonians singing and dancing is in our blood and most of us have been dancing since we learned to walk. Nothing quite as awesome to see tiny toddlers performing their first dances with their parents. Mascot of LEP


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Lessons learned

  • Sometimes happiness is hanging out with your besties in a public park and knitting until it gets so dark you cannot see the stitches
  • Save some PTO for rainy days

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