Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 149

March 13, 2022

The results are finally in - the pup we brought home a month ago is:

  • 25% cattle dog
  • 14% malamute
  • 13% husky
  • and a bunch of other breeds (including 2% basset hound)

Based on the singing voice she’s using to let me know how mad she is at me I can definitely see the malamute/husky combo. The results are likely not very accurate but does confirm that doing training with this dog (and a lot of it) is the only sane way. She’s way too smart to be a couch potato.

We had a first real hike on Saturday up to Wind mountain. It’s a special place where once you hit the rocks there’s suddenly peace and real sense of the universe around you. I wish everyone moments like that as we watch the nightmare in Ukraine play out.


Katrin Valdre

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