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Week Notes Vol 15

August 15, 2019

This week I celebrated my 14th year of Drupal. It’s been quite a journey to say the least. Yes, I definitely drank the coolaid. At the same time I am also acutely aware that Drupal is a monolith that serves a specific purpose and is not the tool for every single use case.

Today we kicked off session planning for DrupalCon Minneapolis in 2020. It’s my 3rd year on the organizing team and unlike previous years I opted for a less technical track of Community Building & Being Human. I know, most people start with the soft topics and go more technical from there. I on the other hand have been thinking a lot about the human side of tech life and look forward to reviwing these session proposals. Needless to say October and November will be busy - although I hope this year I will have less session proposals to review. For DrupalCon Seattle I went through close to 400 of them.



  • I started a course on R to go hand in hand with my journey into data science.

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