Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 151

March 27, 2022

Growing up I took it for granted that everyone had a summer cottage or an old farm to escape to during summer months. Only very few folks would stay in their homes during vacations - and when they did it was usually because they were renovating. I was lucky enough to have a country grandma who lived with her kids and grandkids during winter months and moved back to her house in the country when the weather got nice. My cousin now owns grandma’s house - a tiny one room cottage with no running water - and surrounding lands. There are luxuries like electricity and cell reception but in other aspects it has remained the same for the last 100 years. It has been remodeled over the years but the footprint of the house has not changed. You still need to fire up the wood stove if you want to heat up the place.

Tiny Estonian cottage

This weekend I got away from the city for a few days to explore a tree house in Washington. The house was tiny, even smaller than my grandma’s house in Estonia but it did bring back the itch to have my own. All I really want is 5+ acres, electricity, possibility of a well and access road that is passable in dry months. The search is on!


Katrin Valdre

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