Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 166

July 10, 2022

On Monday I have a block on my calendar reserved for reflecting as I’m hitting a milestone - 6 months of my job at REI. This is my third company as a fully remote employee and I cannot see myself ever going back to the office. I still make occasional trips to the office to meet up with my teams or other managers but it is my choice and I never feel pressured into it. Seeing how people at REI have thrived since going remote is encouraging. Not only does the company mission match with what I believe in as a way of life but there are so many other people to learn from. Bonus points for the Slack channel where people post when they are going away and need someone to come and stay at their place and look after their pets and house - all come equipped for remote work but often with perks like access to lakes, trails and other adventures in the corners of the state or even contry I have never been to. It’s almost like built-in adventure time!

I was in the office on Friday and one of my co-workers had hiked the trails by the office before starting work. I might do that next time after work to avoid sitting in rush hour traffic.

View of trails from the office


Katrin Valdre

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