Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 167

July 17, 2022

It turns out that 8 years later I still don’t really care for Paris. I had assumed that the previous trip with food poisoning was the reason but no, it’s the fact that it’s too crowded, too dirty, too loud, too manicured for the green parts. If it wasn’t for the food I’d probably never go back. Although truth to be said, my favorite meal in Paris this time was not the three Michelin star restaurant but takeout from another one eaten while sitting on the grass in the shade (it was close to 40C most days we were there).

My tip for the summer - if you want to go to Shakespeare and Company in Paris, go early in the day. The lines are brutal. Once you have your book(s) go and hang out on the steps in the shade after getting your gelato from Le Glacier De Notre Dame De Paris.

Le Glacier - a gem of a gelato shop


Katrin Valdre

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