Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 171

August 14, 2022

First camping trip of 2022 is a wrap, also a first solo out with Laika. I picked a campsite that I knew was a good one and came with bathrooms and free hot showers. Unfortunately the lake was full of algae so swimming trips were out of the question. Camping was mostly a success but we’ll need to work on eating food out of a bowl like a normal dog (who knew our snuffle mat would cause problems?) and not eating all sticks and pine cones. First night of sleep was a little rough but she was too worn out the second night to cause a fuss. We got a hike in to explore different ways to a ski cabin I have booked for November and went and made sure Crater Lake was still as blue as always. She still is - and the boat tours will be running for 3 weeks this summer to Wizard Island! Unfortunately they won’t start until next week.

Bright yellow tent


Katrin Valdre

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