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Week Notes Vol 22

October 06, 2019

Life hacking, optimizing time, optimial productivity - no matter what you name it it is essentially the same thing. I’ve been experimenting this week with going back to my 4.45 am wake up time. I have discovered a few things:

  1. I am more productive during my productive work hours (7am - noon).
  2. I turn into a pumpking around 4.30 pm.
  3. Hitting the gym around 8 pm gives me that extra boost of energy and wears me out sufficiently for 10am bed time.

One downside of early wake up time is conflict with evening activities - it is very difficult to stay awake and social past 10pm. We went to see Dodie in Portland on Friday and staying up past midnight was a challenge.

One of the hacks that I have been using with great success for a while is setting timers for activities. It is super easy to go down some rabbit hole when researching a topic. I also like timers for things like accordion practice time, lunch breaks, domestic chores. It motivates me to get the most done in one chunk of time - and then being able to switch to something else.

On the flip side, how many life hacks take it too far? I’ve queued up a book to read on this topic next month - Hacking Life: Systematized Living and Its Discontents by Joseph M. Reagle Jr.


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