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Week Notes Vol 25

October 26, 2019

End of the year is near - and planning for 2020 has started. For most people it means annual enrollment period has begun (oh, the joys of US health care!) and people are starting to pay more attention to taxable income (or at least should). I like to take this time of the year to review my balance sheet in terms of money, goals and accomplishments and start planning for the next year. I have some big ideas for 2020 - but it means I will have to work hard on those goals.

One of the books I am currently reading fits nicely into this bucket. I like reading management books, especially the ones for and about technical leadership. There are things that I want for myself and want to provide for my team, mainly this:

Managers who care about you as a person, and who actively work to help you grow in your career. Managers who teach you important skills and give you valuable feedback. Managers who help you navigate difficult situations, who help you figure out what you need to learn. Managers who want you to take their job someday.

I have had this kind of manager in the past so I know these unicorns exist. I hope to find one again in 2020. In a perfect world, I would find a female manager I like. My only experience with a female manager back in 2005 was not something to write home about.

Another goal of mine for 2020 is to have more purposeful travel. One could say I’ve travelled a lot in 2019 and it’s true but most of it has been flights between PDX and SFO to go to the office to put out a fire or to attend meetings that really shouldn’t have been in person meeting in the first place. In 2020 I want less last minute trips to the bay area and more thought through trips to other parts of the country or other countries where I stay in one place for weeks. After all, isn’t that what remote work is supposed to enable you to do as long as you have reliable internet connection?

Terminal 2 at SFO


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