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Week Notes Vol 27

November 09, 2019

Everybody has bias, there’s no point to denying it. The key is understanding your own biases and working on recognizing when you’re tempted to act upon them. I highly recommend taking the survey to see your own shortcomings. When I took it I was a little puzzled by the outcome when it came to race.

Your data suggest no automatic preference between the White person and the Black person.

I had assumed that as a white person I’d have some bias so I spent some time to dig into this expectation only to realize the reason for my lack of bias stems from post-Soviet era upbringing. Being born in a country where different skin tone is rare and violence and agression is associated with nationality rather than race plays a major role. The first african american people I ever enountered were basketball players and singers who were elevated to local celebrity status. Having a different skin color was cool and desired. Being pasty pale with light hair and eye color was too normal and ordinary.

Living in the states for the past 14 years has opened my eyes to a different perspective. I watched American Son on Netflix and cried. This hit too close to home for me. A few weeks ago a friend texted me on her way back to the states from a trip aboard. She sent me copies of her documents and phone number for an immigration attorney in case she’d run into any issues returning to the country she’s a citizen of, has real estate and a stable job in, in which she raises her kids and gives more than your average white dude. But she’s not white and not born here - and she’s afraid every time she needs to cross the border.


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