Wondering Wanderer

Week Notes Vol 29

November 24, 2019

Last week was a bit of a downer as work travel takes its toll on me. Being an introvert having multiple days of back to back meetings followed by dinners/happy hours is something I need time to recover from. I was down in SF again this week for some training but I got to spend time with some of my co-workers I normally don’t get to interact much as they work in the office and I work remote. The only interactions I therefore I regularily have have with them is when they need something from me or my team.

I also scored last minute tickets to go see Hamilton - and honestly I’d like to go see it again. There are shows that have a great story, or costumes, or music or lightning. Hamilton has all of this and more. I was reading an article last week about repeat experiences versus novel experiences and the joy in repetition.

There is joy in repetition partly because every human mind wanders. Consequently, we miss a substantial part of every experience.

I will definitely go see Hamilton again if I can get tickets. I know my mind wandered for sure - I was making a mental list of books I wanted to read to understand the show better, noted to text my daughter to tell her about the lightning because she’d love it, wondered who created the costumes, observed a young boy in front of me as he tried to follow along.


Katrin Valdre

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